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This island comprise thousands of acres of land with flora and fauna, birds and mangrove forest and are some of the most beautiful native anywhere.

Please protect our native flora, fauna and native forests and birds from any property development in Carey Island !

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In the early 1900s, Carey Island was known as Pulau Si Alang (some peoples refer Pulau Bangsar), located approximatley 14km off Port Klang, the island was only inhabited by the Mah Meri tribe. It became Carey Island after planter, an Englishman in the name of Edward Valentine John Carey has acquired an island from His Highness Sultan Sulaiman of Selangor to start rubber plantations and since then until  now the island is known as Carey Island or Pulau Carey.

E.V Carey began a plantation industry under Jugra Land and Carey Ltd. During the first 40 years of the island's development, the working force comprised South Indians, Mah Meri and Malays. Rubber was introduced to the island in 1905 and a permanent work force was established in 1907.

In early days, labour problem, tigers and malaria cause delayed much of the work on the island development. EV John Carey resolved the labour shortage by getting the Mah Meri to help clear the land and help in the construction of bungalows, roads, trenches, ban and quarters for the South Indian workers.

Currently, 12,000 of the 17,000 hectares remain as plantation and is owned by Sime Darby Plantations (Golden Hope Plantations). The rest is State Government land occupied by five Orang Asli Mah Meri settlements and Kampung Melayu Carey Island.

Carey was not just a big name on Carey Island. He was also president of the influential United Planters Association of the Federated Malay States.

Another area of Carey's influence was in colonial plantation architecture. A testimony of this was the Hatter's Castle, the old estate manager's bungalow
on Carey Island. The design was so well received at the time that it became the model for all plantation and hill station bungalows during the colonial

Carey also had another legacy that he might not have been proud of in modern Malaysia - the import of crows from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to battle caterpillars which attacked crops on the island.

The crows did their jobs well and other plantations took their cue from Carey Island.

E. V. John Carey

Regionally, it is situated at the mouth of Sungai Langat, which is  90 km to the south west of Kuala Lumpur and 60 km to the north west of KLIA.  It is 20 km to the south of Klang town centre and 2 km to the north of Telok Panglima Garang.  At present the early access to the island from the mainland is through a two-lane wide bridge located at the east estate.  
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The island has oil palm plantations owned by Sime Darby Plantations. It is an initial settlement area for the Mah-Meri (pronounced Mak Miri), one of the aborigine Orang Asli tribes of Malaysia.

Mah Meri people have a reputation for some of the world's finest wooden mask. They have assimilated into modern life, with jobs in the nearby plantations and farms, but they retain their unique culture and way of life. Apart from exhibitions of their traditional dances and music, the Mah Meri are particularly known for their votive sculptures, fashioned from a kind of swamp hardwood known as "Nyireh Batu".


Carey Island is famous for its seafood such as crabs, prawns, and various fishes.

Getting There

Lebuh Raya Shah Alam (KESAS)

Federal Highway

North Klang Valley Expressway

Main access to Carey Island from KL is via Lebuh Raya Shah Alam (KESAS) and Klang-Banting trunk road. Future access is via South Klang Valley Expressway(SKVE).


Drive from Kuala Lumpur to Teluk Panglima Garang on the Kelang-Banting road. From Teluk Panglima Garang, a narrow road takes you past rustic Malay villages to Pulau Carey.

A bridge links the mainland to the island. The entire drive takes approximately 1 1/2 hours.

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